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Aplikonit to studioni ne Zvicer ...Mundesi e re ne Shqiperi...

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Aplikonit to studioni ne Zvicer ...Mundesi e re ne Shqiperi...

"Swiss Hotel Management School Welcomes you!

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is predicted to triple in size within the next fifteen years and to be the world's largest industry by the year 2020. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travelers will spend US$ 5 billion every day. There will be a great demand for well-qualified staff with exciting and rewarding career opportunities worldwide. The Swiss Hotel Management School enjoys an excellent reputation and its graduates are highly sought after by the key players in the industry. It is one of the crucial priorities in strategy books of the Albanian government to enhance/increase tourism and to provide higher quality of services.

The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) is part of the SEG group and offers the following courses and internationally recognized qualifications:

- Bachelor degrees (Hons), accredited by the university of Derby in the U.K - 3 years
- Master degree in Hospitality Management - accredited by the university of Derby - 1 year
- BBA degree, accredited by the University of Northwood U.S.A- 3 years
- MBA degree, accredited by the university of Northwood, 1 year
- Postgraduate courses - 1 year

The above qualifications are all internationally recognized and highly ranked degrees that allow our students to work any where in the world.

SEG, Swiss Education Group, is an alliance of Switzerland's Leading Hotel Management Schools; SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School in Caux/Montreux and Leysin; HIM, Hotel Institute Montreux; IHTTI, School of Hotel Management in Neuchatel. Since the establishment of its first school in 1985, SEG has grown to become Switzerland’s largest English speaking hotel management education provider. SEG’s outstanding success has set new standards in the hospitality industry and provides an inspiration to its graduates. SEG member schools are 100% Swiss owned which ensures its students receive top quality education with a distinctive Swiss style that is renowned worldwide.

The Swiss Hotel Management School. is based in Switzerland and provides an international learning environment where students learn off of each others different cultures and languages. A perfect preparation for the industry.

SHMS looks forward to welcoming you in Switzerland!

For further information please visit our webpage or contact our Albanian Representative on 0692100489



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