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ofrohet vend pune INSPECTOR (HIGHWAYS)


Vendndodhja: Shqiperi
Industri: Arsim

Pershkrimi i punes

1.       Requirements

The Inspector (Highways) will be a qualified professional who must have a minimum qualification of a Technical Diploma or equivalent with more than five years experience with three years being similar to this project/role. Strong local and/or Middle East work experience are required. The Inspector (Highways) must possess the ability to read working drawings and related specifications, and capable of enforcing such specifications. Computer literacy and excellent communication skills is essential.

The Inspector (Highways) will also be responsible for maintaining and enhancing business reputation with the clients and developing effective long term client relationships thus identifying and developing new opportunities for the Group.

The Inspector (Highways) will:

  •  Report to the Resident Engineer (Highways),
  • Keep daily records,
  • Carry out daily inspections of the works and sign off the relevant part of the contractor’s RFI’s in a timely manner,
  • Raise any non conformances or poor workmanship with the Resident Engineer (Highways) in a timely manner,
  • Raise any safety issues with the Safety officer, keeping the Resident Engineer (Highways) informed.

2.       Rewards & Benefits

It is offered an excellent package which includes: 

  • A competitive salary
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical and life insurance cover
  • Company gratuity scheme
  • Discretionary bonus scheme
  • Annual flight allowance to point of origin
  • Employee Well-Being Programme – 24 hour free advice on financial, legal and family care specialists and also access to personal health, fitness and nutrition consultants.

All the interested candidates are invited to send a CV in English to: infoalbania@trenkwalder.com

Please indicate the position you are applying “INSPECTOR (HIGHWAYS) “on the subject of your e-mail. Closing date for the applications is 20 of May 2013.

All application will be treated highly confidential. Only selected applicants will be invited for an interview.

Trenkwalder CIVET2000
Rr. Bogdani, P.7, 4B
Tirana, Albania
Tel. /Fax: +355 42 227615
email: infoalbania@trenkwalder.com

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